26 May 2020

Heroes of Humanity

On the 26th of May 2020, WBC MuayThai Youth Cares organised a special ceremony on behalf of the World Boxing Council to present Matthew Deane, Lydia Deane, and Dr. Wichai Techasathit the WBC Heroes of Humanity Award medal of honour. The WBC Heroes of Humanity Award is gifted by the World Boxing Council to recognise the heroes and heroines who have taken impactful, notable actions during the pandemic. Jill Diamond, Director of the WBC Cares, recalled that ‘since the birth of the WBC Heroes of Humanity Award program, created by our beloved Don Jose Sulaiman, Thailand has always been one of the countries that has been most involved in helping and recognising heroes in and out of the square ring’.

Matthew & Lydia Deane and Dr.Wichai Techasathit’s story?

Lydia Deane is a well known Thai celebrity singer. She is married to Matthew Deane who is also a well known Thai celebrity who is also involved in the world of Muay Thai. Towards their fifth wedding anniversary, Matthew and Lydia Deane had contracted COVID-19 and made the announcement to the public on March 13.

The couple were transferred to the hospital for 30 days and were taken under the caring supervision of Dr. Wichai Techasathit and his medical team who provided the couple with medical and heartwarming emotional support. During their time hospitalised, Matthew and Lydia Deane remained active on social media, informing their followers of their recovery process while spreading awareness about the severity of the infection and difficult medicinal treatments. Consequently, their stories became viral, which led to boxing gyms in Thailand going towards lockdown and stricter safety precautions taken by the public. Fortunately, the couple were able to leave the hospital after recovery and reunite with their family later on.

The WBC family recognises that?this would not have been possible without the brave men and women who leave their homes day after day, ready to put their life on the line to save hundreds of lives. We refer to the first line responders: doctors, specialists, nurses, emergency personnel, hospital staff, and so many more.

Thanks to the grateful intervention of the promoter Bank Thainchai Pisitwuttinan, Dr. Wichai Techasathit was nominated for the Heroes of Humanity Award. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Techasathit has lived through four pandemics and in all of them he has been caring and selfless, putting others before himself and saving countless lives while also providing messages of hope to reassure his patients.

Lydia and Matthew Deane espoused that their experience battling the disease was the most terrifying and challenging experience they faced, many negative thoughts were haunting them as they were afraid of not being able to return to their children. They reflected how fortunate we are to be healthy human beings and to never take it for granted. They also expressed a special thank you to the medical staff whose grit gave them the strength to continue to fight the disease and show that there is always hope even in the darkest of times.

Lastly, Matthew and Lydia Deane, Dr. Wichai Techasathit, Nabhiraks (Jade) Bhakdibhumi also became involved in the amazing WBC Talks, a project created by the World Boxing Council that aims to impart knowledge and support the WBC family during these challenging times : https://wbcboxing.com/en/wbc-talks-44-heroes-of-humanity/

Credit : WBC Talks 44: Heroes of Humanity – wbcboxing.com