14 January 2020

On January 14 2020, it is National Children’s day in Thailand. Thai families often celebrate children’s day by taking their children to do something fun and enjoyable.? It’s also a day for Thai citizens to acknowledge the important role children possess in the development and functioning of their country. However, there are some children who don’t have a family to celebrate this special day with. As a result, WBC MuayThai Youth Cares travelled to a remote orphanage in Thailand to celebrate this day and bring joy to 300 orphans. We gave the children many toys and we treated them with a delicious meal. We are incredibly delighted to have created such wonderful memories on this day. Additionally, it has been an honour to visit the children and see their beautiful faces brightened with smiles from our visit. As Thai citizens, we uphold the value that children are the most valuable resources for our nation and it is our duty to help them grow to achieve their full potential. Therefore, by visiting the orphanage we hoped that the children would feel valued and that there are many out there who are willing to support their growth.

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