11 January 2020

Earlier this year, his Majesty the King’s royal guidance regarding the topic of quality education stated that, “All children must study and be equipped with knowledge and virtue so that they will grow up to become adults of high quality and will bring goodness and progress to themselves and to society as a whole.”

WBC MuayThai Youth Cares begins the new year prepared to make a difference. The WBC MuayThai Youth Cares team led by President Jade Bhakdibhumi travelled to Sahachart school in the rural area of Thailand, four hours away from Bangkok where to present 78 academic scholarships to children in recognition for their outstanding performance at school this year. The team also gave the children sports equipment for the student’s recreation. Jade Bhakdibhumi espoused that, ‘We were grateful to see the delighted children receiving their scholarships. They also welcomed us with a beautiful singing performance from one of their students. It has always been an honour to give children the quality education they deserve and we hope that the children will continue to be motivated and passionate in their future learning experiences’.