20th June 2019.

In an event hosted by the World Boxing Council Muaythai Youth Cares Program, at the Moscow residence of the Thailand Ambassador to Russia, grand masters of Muaythai from Thailand, and a host of young Russian Muaythai enthusiasts gathered with former WBC Muaythai champions to showcase the ancient tradition of the Wai Kru ceremony. Mr. FABIO CHINDA, MINISTER OF THE ROYAL THAI EMBASSY TO THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION also in attendance stated, ?In Thailand, the martial art of Muaythai has existed throughout the country?s long history and has evolved over centuries to become one of Thailand?s national sports, a source of pride for the entire nation, and a mesmerizing art that captures the hearts of people from all around the world, including here in Russia. The number of Muaythai activities, competitions, and training camps spread across more than 80 regions of Russia, has proven that Russian people shared affection for Muaythai, and I sincerely hope that Muaythai, as a sport and cultural art, will continue to link our people and nations.?

Nabiraks Bhakdibhumi, a Chairperson of WBC Muay Thai Youth Cares added: “Muaythai?is considered an intangible cultural asset, and today, we are introducing the Muay Thai Wai kru ritual, which pays respect to the masters by the next generation of Muay Thai practitioners in Russia. To convey the long history and tradition of Muaythai, and to carry out the beautiful “Wai Kru” ceremonies by Muaythai’s grand master or “Kru Muaythai”, and to show respect for the “Kru” by the boxers, leading to success, We believe that we will be protected from harm and danger and bring happiness of all the young people participating in Muay Thai around the world?Also in attendance, was former WBC Muaythai world champion,?Artem Levin, a famed Russian fighting superstar, who made a rousing speech to inspire the junior athletes. A host of current Russian MuayThai fighting stars were also in attendance. The WBC Muaythai Youth Cares operates under the umbrella of World Boxing Council, a global sporting organization, through this vast global network, the program looks to foster the next generation of great athletes, whilst conveying precious Muaythai traditions, and preserving intangible cultural heritage and values. The overall core values and aims of the WBC MuayThai Youth Cares Program is to convey positivity, togetherness in sport, and inclusion among the world?s Muay Thai youth community.