April 21, 2019.

, Japan ? April 20, 2019:??WBC Muaythai Youth Cares, the program to inspire new generation boxers and help to expand Muaythai youth community around the world, have organized Wai Kru ritual ceremony at Royal Thai Embassy Tokyo.

H.E. Bannasarn Bunnag, the Ambassador of Thailand proclaimed that the Wai kru ritual ceremony was a great opportunity to showcase Thailand?s remarkable culture that have been passed through generations to the young Japanese boxers as they have a special opportunity to perform Wai Kru Ritual Ceremony which demonstrates a vital part of Thai culture in paying respect to the Grand Master of Muaythai. This ceremony is known to exist since the 16th century when Muaythai was first introduced.

Miss Nabhiraks Bhakdibhumi, the Founder of WBC Muaythai Youth Cares remarked that we are under the umbrella of WBC Muaythai which have members around the world. This program was committed to the wellbeing of all youths who participate in MuayThai and through the program?s global network, the program aims to connect all like minded youths participating in the sport. The global network will allow the young boxers to? share their interests, techniques, help each other through difficult times in life and inspire each other.

Muaythai have a long history and tradition and we are bringing the tradition right here to young Japanese Boxers. At this event, we have brought the Grand Masters of Muaythai or what we call ?Kru Muaythai? to guide them in the beautiful ritual of ?Wai Kru?.? The boxers pledge to ?Kru?? is ought to be believed to help them become a successful boxer, protect them from harm, danger, and brings happiness

Meanwhile during the ceremony, two Japanese WBC Muaythai World Champions who are the idols of the young boxers were there to give inspirational and motivational speeches to the young boxers.

In the future WBC Muaythai Youth Cares will be organizing similar events to this ceremony around the world whilst having the support from Thai Airways. The next event will be held in Moscow, Russia at Royal Thai Embassy on June 20, 2019. Please follow us on internet at www.wbcmuaythai.org

About WBC Muaythai Youth Cares: It is under the supervision of the World Boxing Council Muaythai, the Governing Body that sanctions fights of professional Muaythai worldwide, dedicated to inspiring this generation’s greatest boxers to contribute to the expansion of the MuayThai youth community around the world to transfer the priceless legacy of Muaythai to future generations and foster the intangible, cultural heritage.